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Learn the Easiest Way On How to Fix Your Damaged Cellphones

Maybe you have ever wondered how to fix your damaged cellphones and saving up all those service fees on service center? Fixing damaged cell phones is fairly easy to offer with, and you could do it at home by yourself. All you need to have is a basic know how, a really cheap opening tools like T6 screwdriver and auto parts that can be purchased at your nearest tools store or purchased via online internet store.

Courses and repair procedures were scattered around the internet like a free cellular phone repair tutorials, many weekend enthusiast learned a lot of it, plus some using it for living, many people earned good income in cellphone repair nowadays.

Generally there are two types of cellphone problem related issues in conditions of repair. The first is software problem related issues like ” hang ” or shows logo only on the screen and often restarted, these problem triggered by an interrupted cell phones firmware; what exactly is a firmware? a software is a software that is being programmed to the cellphone’s memory to make it work like the one attached to home personal computers. The other one is hardware problem related issues like damaged LCD screen snowboard, keypad malfunction, not recharging, wet damaged and other damages that caused by accidental behavior.

Here’s a simple hints on cellular phone problems that you can do on your own at home like replacing broken screen, keypad malfunction, not charging, no network indicators, insert sim problem and even wet damaged mobile phones. All of those trouble is hardware related problems that you can apply by yourself.

Nowadays, in software related problem issues, you can fix it also by in a way of re-setting or re-formatting the cellphone’s firmware, but sometimes like reprogramming its firmware you need to have an application tools and gizmos which is often also purchase on the internet and only a good idea if you would like to repair couple of damaged cellphone’s or intending to have a cellphone repair center.